The Best Moon Lamp

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Moon lamps are the unique products in the market nowadays. They’re 3D which are printed in a shape and the moon design which can light up the room with the stunning ambiance. If you want to buy the best moon lamp you need to know that they come in different types.

There are some of the great choices of the moon lamp and also some important advice required when you are looking for one. Here are some of the best moon lamp. More at

1. Super3DMall Moon Lamp

Best Moon Lamp

The interesting thing about this moon lamp by the name Super3DMall is the affordable and compact option to choose. Its measurement is 5.9 inches, though it comes in any other size that you may choose. This moon lamp is made of PLA which make it non-toxic and safe, so you don’t have to fear of it emitting toxins or overheating.

The printing of the lamp is the 3D printer that gives it the flawless design. Also, this offer it ability to offer the lamp the textured surface that can replicate the moon’s surface. The light which is inside the lamp is made of the energy-efficient bulb which is durable and in this it can run for about 10 to 48 hours on the full charge.


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This lamp measures about 4.8 inches with its design appearing like that of a moon. For example, the lamp’ surface is grooved helping it to feel like moon’s craters. LED light built to a lamp come with 16 colors such as blue, red, and purple. You may adjust the light to be normal strobe, or flash the colors.

This type of moon lamp normally comes with the touch control to help you change the settings easily. Also, it comes with the remote control that you may use and which may work upto 30 ft. past the lamp. Its light can run between 6 to 12 hours.

3. Magifire Moon Lamp

moon led light

Constructed from strong PLA material, Magifire Moon Lamp become the best moon lamp measuring 3.9 inches. The light inside is LED which make it adjusted to soft yellow and bright white color.

There is room for adjusting its brightness just by touching switch on top. Its switch is very easy to access so you may change quickly the brightness level if you need it. The lights can run for about 8 to 24 hours, which will depend on the level of brightness you choose. It come with charging cord, with wood mount on it, and the gift case.

4. Mydethun Luna Lamp

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This moon lamp is the elegant moon lamp which you can invest in. it measures about 3.5 inches making it to be compact to use. Once you turn on, it can emit the warm white light that can be altered with the touch control. The touch control can either dim or brighten the light according to your preference.

You can set the lamp on the unique ceramic handstand in a way it does not fall. The lamp has the rechargeable battery that can run light for about 8 to 10 hours when it if fully charged.More at