75th Ordination Anniversary Celebration

75th Ordination Anniversary Mass

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The Selected Writings of Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy, P.H., J.C.D.

Msgr. Foy is a retired priest and canon lawyer of the Archdiocese of Toronto. He was born in Toronto, Ontario on August 14, 1915, second of a family of eight children.  He attended Holy Name Catholic Elementary School and De La Salle High School in Toronto.  In 1933 he entered St. Augustine’s Seminary and was ordained on June 3, 1939 by Archbishop, later Cardinal McGuigan.  He was sent for post-graduate studies to Laval University in Quebec City where he took a doctoral course in Canon Law.  In 1942 he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Archdicoese of Toronto and Secretary of the Toronto Archdiocesan Matrimonial Tribunal.  In 1947,  he was named the Secretary of the new Toronto Regional Tribunal, which he served later as Defender of the Bond and Judge.  In 1957 he was named Presiding Judge of the Regional and Archdiocesan Tribunals.  In the same year he was named a Domestic Prelate by Pope Pius XII.  In a part time capacity for many years he was Director of Catechetics of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

He is a founder and honorary member of the Canadian Canon Law Society.

He was named pastor of his natal parish of St. John’s in Toronto in 1966 and was there until 1973.  He then served as pastor of Holy Martyrs Church in Bradford and St. Patrick’s Church in Phelpston.  In 1977 and 1978 he lived in Rome in an advocacy capacity.  He served as chaplain for 25 years of the Pro Aliis Club and was chaplain also of the Legion of Mary, has helped religious orders and convents and been active in other groups including the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

Msgr.  is the oldest priest in his Archdiocese and the only surviving priest of the class of 1939 of St. Augustine’s Seminary.  For decades he has fearlessly articulated and defended the teachings of the Church – in a time of moral and doctrinal chaos in the Church in Canada.  He is best known for his untiring defense of Catholic teachings on marriage and family life, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae vitae.  His efforts have earned him a papal commendation and the Pro-life Man of the Year Award.  On June 3, 2014, he celebrates his 75th year of his ordination to the holy priesthood.

His Eminence Cardinal Collins giving me a 75th Ordination Anniversary vestment.

His Eminence Cardinal Collins giving me a 75th Ordination Anniversary vestment.

Cutting my cake with Cardinal Collins

Cutting my cake with Cardinal Collins



       Getting ready for my 75th Ordination Anniversary, age 98

Getting ready for my 75th  (3)

Getting ready for my 75th, age 98

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A Hobby

I have spent many hours doing pastoral work and in the confessional. I had some recreation time to get physical exercise and to maintain a balanced life with healthy interests like family, friends, studying, reading, writing, being a pen-pal, religious and family-friendly entertainment like watching EWTN and natural healthcare.

One of my other hobbies has been doing some magic tricks and flourishes using a deck of playing cards. I was interested in sanctifying and saving souls and this was just one of the ways I enjoyed reaching out to them. I used to do some magic shows for school children, parish groups, nephews, nieces, and small gatherings of my fellow priests. Hopefully, the faith I taught is more remembered than the magic shows I gave.

St. John Bosco can be seen as a patron saint of Catholic magicians since he used magic and juggling as a tool. His autobiography lists dozens of magic tricks used for the purpose of offering religious instruction to children and youth.

Fr. Ted Colleton, a very prayerful friend and pro-life warrior, used to enjoy doing card tricks. It was amazing how he could find the cards you picked in a deck and got you laughing, even into his old age. It is a way to be able to meet people and share some good cheer.

I have not read it yet, but there is a book that received an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church that shows how catechists can teach the faith using “magic” tricks.

Sleight of hand magic, or illusions, should not be confused with sorcery. This kind of innocent magic is not “new age” or occult practice.

Someone who does sleight of hand tricks to manipulate objects, including playing card shuffling games or flourishes, to catechize or entertain with a pure intention is not attempting to invoke evil forces.

What the Church condemns is summoning or attempting to manipulate supernatural power to further the magician’s ends. “All practices or magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others – even if this were for the sake of restoring their health – are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion.” (CCC 2117)

In 2011, my book “A Cut Above” was published. It is currently the most complete collection of one-hand card cuts ever published. Many of them are original.   It is for those who are interested in learning some challenging card flourishes. Flourishes are basically fancy ways of shuffling or “cutting” playing cards in an entertaining way that requires skill with the hands and takes practice.

Even if you are an amateur and make a mistake trying to do a trick that is designed to entertain or catechize, you can laugh at yourself and get others laughing about it. You can still intend to make friends and evangelize or catechize, directly or indirectly, at the same time.

True ecumenism is to bring all souls to God, Who is Love, through the fullness of the Christian Faith in the Catholic Church. Everything we do, including our recreation, such as exercise or hobbies, can be offered up for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

I once wrote a booklet including card tricks I invented using table salt as a card locator. You could even use blessed salt. I was recently asked to bless and exorcise some salt according to the 1962 missal, for use on food etc.

I am posting a photo of me teaching a one-hand card flourish to “Dr. Casaubon”. As you can see, we were having a good laugh.

Msgr. Vincent Foy, February 27, 2015

2011 Book %22A Cut Above%22 published - doing card tricks for my pseudonom %22Dr. Causabon%22 (double exposure photo)






Letter to the Editor of Catholic Insight, February 5, 2015

Letter to the Editor

Concerning the teaching of Teilhard de Chardin

In response to the letter to the editor in February issue of Catholic Insight, I would like to make the following observations.

Cardinal Journet is thought by some to be the greatest theologian of the nineteenth century. His verdict is: “de Chardin’s works are disastrous… If one accepts de Chardin’s explanation one must reject the Christian notion of Creation, Spirit, God, Evil, Original Sin, the Cross, the Resurrection, Divine Love, etc.” (Nova et Vetera, Oct-Dec 1962).

“If we reject it [Teilhard’s doctrine] we are being faithful to all of traditional Christianity, we are accepting Christianity as it has been preserved and developed in the course of centuries by the divinely assured magisterium.” (A Periscope on Teilhard de Chardin, Rev. Fr. John Flanagan, Vol 1, 1971).

Msgr. Vincent Foy

February 5, 2015




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His Eminence Cardinal Collins giving me a 75th Ordination Anniversary vestment.


His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Collins giving me a 75th Ordination Anniversary vestment.

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Letter to the Editor of Catholic Insight

The following letter was  published in Catholic Insight, December, 2014, in response to Fr. Tony Van Hee S.J.’s  defence of Teilhard de Chardin (Part II) published in the November, 2014 issue.   


November 2014

Letter to the Editor

The Truth about Teilhard de Chardin

Misguided attempts to try to justify the still banned erroneous writings of Teilhard de Chardin are harmful to the faithful.  Sadly, Fr. Tony Van Hee SJ and his sources contribute to the spread of heresies.

In 1950, Pope Pius XII debunked Teilhard’s errors in his great encyclical Humani Generis: “Some impudently and indiscreetly hold that evolution, which has not been fully proved in the domain of natural sciences, explains the origin of all things, and audaciously support the monistic and pantheistic opinion that the world is in continual evolution… Communists gladly subscribe to this”.  Monsignor Leo Schumaker noted in his book The Truth About Teilhard Pope Pius XII “definitely referred to him [Teilhard], among others” in this reproach.

The other quote of Pope Pius XII that I have noted previously was from the scholarly publication called “Doctrine and Life” that is no longer in print. I classify de Chardin as an “arch-heretic” because of the multitude of errors and mini- heretics that he engenders.

If Teilhard worthily received Sacraments before his death, there was still no public retraction of all his errors on record.  The damage had been done — Teilhard’s goal in life was “aimed at nothing less than bringing about a radical change in the teaching of the Catholic Church.” He appointed two “militant atheists, among his literary executors”, who “took over” his “manuscripts and published them without the permission of the General of the Jesuits and without an Imprimatur.  The Jesuits get no share in the immense profits being made by the sale of these works; atheists like Sir John Huxley have used them for the propagation of atheism; Russian Communists have translated [them] into Russian…” (Mindzenty Report, Vol. XIX, No. 4, PO Box 11321, Saint Louis, MO).

The confused ideas that Teilhard spread against the traditional conception of Paradise, the First Adam and the Church’s doctrine of Original Sin are explained in great detail in Chapter VII of “Teilhardism and the New Religion, A Thorough Analysis of the Teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin”. For example, “Christianity teaches that the Fall of Adam has affected the whole of mankind with the condition of Original Sin; and Teilhard finds this hard to accept. ‘It is impossible to universalize Adam,’ he tells us, ‘without destroying his individuality.”’ Apparently Teilhard believes that Adam could not have had an effect upon the whole of mankind so long as we conceive of him as a bona fide person. And this leads him to suppose that Adam is not a person, but some kind of principle: ‘Strictly speaking, there is no first Adam,’ he declares. ‘The name disguises a universal and unbreakable law of reversion or perversion’…. Teilhard has taken it upon himself to impugn two thousand years of Christian tradition… Instead of discarding the concept of Original Sin, he recasts it in strictly evolutionist terms. And this suffices to remove the sting of ancient doctrine.” In his book Christianity and Evolution, Teilhard vents on the Dogma of Original Sin: “It clips the wings of hope” and the form in which it was expressed “represents a survival of obsolete static views into our now evolutionary way of thinking.  Fundamentally, in fact, the idea of Fall is no more than an attempt to explain evil in a fixed universe.”

“Conclusion: Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI, endeavored to prevent the spread of the modernistic errors of this pseudo-scholar, who, as he himself confessed in a letter to a priest friend, has apostatized but deliberately remained within the Church to more easily spread his errors (The Strange Faith of Teilhard de Chardin).” (A periscope on Teilhard de Chardin, by Rev. Fr. john Flanagan, S.T.L., D.C.L.)

The nine monita against his writings still hold and we have a moral duty to respect and obey them (CDF, Holy Office, Monitum on the Writings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, June 30, 1962. In 1981, the Holy See reiterated this warning against the rumours that it no longer applied.) Deitrich Von Hildebrand, who wrote Teilhard de Chardin – A False Prophet,  “is a true prophet and did us all a great service in foretelling what would occur after his death” (See Fr. Robert Levis www.ewtn.com, unorthodox modernist books, 09/10/2000).

Remaining in the Truth of Christ,

Msgr. Vincent Foy

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Advent-Christmas Letter 2014

Advent-Christmas 2014

Msgr. Vincent Foy

Houses of Providence

3276 St. Clair Ave East, Room 414

Toronto, ON

M1L 1W1


Dear Friends,

This year I am grateful to have celebrated my 75th Ordination Anniversary and my 99th birthday.  Many thanks to all who made my 75th a memorable occasion.  I was very happy to have Cardinal Collins, so many clergy, friends and family in attendance.

Besides correspondence, an address for my 75th Ordination Anniversary and a few letters to the editor, this year I have not been able to do much writing.  However, I am happy to now have much material uploaded onto my website: “The Selected Writings of Msgr. Vincent Foy” www.msgrfoy.com.

As the years pass, I am told that I say, “I think I am dying”, with increasing vigor.  Although we don’t know if I will make it to my 100th birthday, I am in my 100th year and we have much planned and ready for my funeral.  I keep saying, “Just don’t bury me alive”.

I am currently reviewing the book Remaining in the Truth of Christ – Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church featuring His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke.

God has allowed me the great gift of continuing to celebrate daily Mass.  I pray for you and God’s blessings upon you.

Remaining in the Truth of Christ,

Msgr. Vincent Foy


Fr. Ted Colleton R.I.P. and Msgr. Foy

A little humour:  "If there is one thing I am proud of, it is my humility."   Enjoying joking with Fr. Ted Colleton RIP.

A little humour: “If there is one thing I am proud of, it is my humility.” Enjoying joking with Fr. Ted Colleton RIP.