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Recovering Humanae Vitae in Canada

Published October, 2010, in Catholic Insight. Recovering Humanae Vitae in Canada By Monsignor Vincent Foy                                                    … Continue reading

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Notes on Gregory Baum; By Their Fruits you Shall Know Them. By Monsignor Vincent Foy

It was a scandal to many Catholics that the arch-dissenter Gregory Baum was invited to speak at Regis College, Toronto, on January 17, 1996.  The scandal was amplified when it was announced that he would also speak at the Newman Centre … Continue reading

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Letter to the Globe and Mail, 1967, regarding Gregory Baum interview: “Catholics May Use Contraceptives Now”. by Msgr. Vincent Foy

by Monsignor Vincent Foy Preface A letter to the  editor of the Globe and Mail, 1967, in response to their article interviewing Gregory Baum:  “Catholics May Use Contraceptives Now”.  My letter was not published.

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