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Fifty Reasons Why the Winnipeg Statement Should Be Recalled. By Monsignor Vincent Foy

Originally published in Catholic Insight, October, 2003.  Also published in “Birth Control: Is Canada Out of Step with Rome?”, Life Ethics Center, 2005. Fifty Reasons Why the Winnipeg Statement Should be Recalled By  Monsignor Vincent Foy   “But you, O … Continue reading

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The Evil of Liturgical Abuse

By Msgr. Vincent Foy Published in Challenge Magazine, 1997 and The Roman Catholic Faithful Newsletter, December, 1997.                “The liturgy has its laws which must be respected.” Pope John Paul II, March 8, 1997 … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin: Arch Heretic

Pope Pius XII called the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin “a cesspool of errors.” The Church’s condemnation of his writings remains in force. Unfortunately, in The Catholic Register of Toronto for Feb. 3, 2012, there is a front full-page … Continue reading

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