Tribute from Victoria and Rory

Msgr. Foy you really made the world such a better place

for all who were so blessed to know you.

There are no words that can convey the sadness that we feel that our dear friend Fr. Foy has left us all – no doubt to a far far better place than the imperfect world in which we remain. We have known this wonderful man for almost fifty years, more closely still since he married us away back in 1968, not ever imagining that his funeral would take place during our 49th anniversary year.

In more recent years we have managed to stay in even closer touch and have always been deeply honoured that he always far managed to write his own personal messages to us at Christmas.

Although we are seldom in Toronto anymore and have not seen him for a long time we are very happy to say that Fr. Foy will be honoured and remembered often at churches up here in the Algoma – Sudbury area in the weeks, months and years ahead.

You really made the world such a better place for all who were so blessed to know you. It was wonderful that God left you with us for so long before eventually calling you Home!

God Bless you Father Foy; yes, Monsignor Foy too!

Tribute from Rory and Victoria, April 2017


Clarification about Msgr. Foy and Gregory Baum

The February 14, 2018 issue of the Prairie Messenger, printed the letter to the editor below at this link:

Clarification about Msgr. Foy and Gregory Baum

The Editor: In the Oct. 25, 2017, issue of the Prairie Messenger, the article about the death of ex-priest Gregory Baum erroneously stated that Msgr. Vincent Foy “popularized a theory that Mr. Baum had excommunicated himself by marrying before his laicization was formally recognized by the Vatican.”

This was not a “theory.” In fact, as a canon lawyer Msgr. Foy was assigned and in charge of the sad duty of the laicization of priests. Msgr. Foy was informed that Gregory Baum initially got civilly married without first being laicized as a priest. Msgr. Foy knew the superiors of the order that Baum was a member of.

In his 1996 article, “Notes on Gregory Baum,” Msgr. Foy reported: “In its issue of Jan. 14, 1978, the Catholic Register reported that ‘Gregory Baum, noted Canadian theologian and outspoken critic of the church, married a former nun in a private ceremony recently in Montreal . . . the bride is Shirley Flynn, who left her religious order about 15 years ago.’ He had previously cancelled an application for laicization. According to canon 2388 of the Code of Canon Law in force at that time, he was automatically excommunicated.”

Baum wrote in his autobiography, “I decided to leave informally. I published a brief statement in the Globe and Mail saying that I was leaving the priesthood because of my disagreement with the church’s sexual ethics  . . . .” See

— Jean Ladouceur, Ottawa


EWTN honouring Msgr. Foy on Jan. 9, 2018

The thirty minute tribute honouring the heroic virtue of “Msgr. Vincent Foy, Champion for Life” will be aired on Eternal Word Television Network on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 6:30pm and Wednesday, January 10 at 2:30am.

We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Humanae vitae in 2018 and this “Pro-life Man of the Year, Msgr. Vincent’s Foy’s life, whose defense of Church teachings on family and marriage earned him a papal commendation.”

You can watch this documentary live here:

Please share his complementary pamphlet “Contraception – Why Not?” with everyone to celebrate the 5oth Anniversary of Humanae vitae:

Contraception – Why Not?

Please report miracles obtained through the intercession of Msgr. Foy through this website.  The more scientific evidence or instantaneous, the better.  For canonization, the Church requires that the prayer for a miracle must be made only to the one person/intercessor, so that it can be certain that the miracle was not due to another saint. For example, for the miracle to count, you can’t have prayed for this miracle to Mary and St. Anthony, as well as asking for the intercession of a candidate for canonization.  This is because if you obtain the miracle you are praying for, the Church cannot be certain to attribute it directly and only to the candidate’s intercession.

Msgr. Foy received all of the Sacraments regularly and before he died, including the Apostolic Blessing.

In charity, Msgr. Foy offered and sacrificed his life and vocation for the salvation and sanctification of souls.  He is a true Champion for Eternal Life.