Msgr. Foy’s Chalice

Msgr. Foy’s original engraved Chalice is being preserved and will be donated to the Church to be safeguarded as a precious relic someday.

It is fitting that on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Thursday, June 29, 2017, his bronze grave marker (photo above) was placed on his grave at Queen of the Clergy Cemetery, St. Augustine’s Seminary.

Msgr. Foy wrote:

“When I left the Matrimonial Tribunal in 1966, I was given a beautiful watercolour painting of a chalice set in the middle of vines and grapes. That painting reminds me that the chalice is the symbol par excellence of the priesthood.

First of all there is the chalice of joy and consolation. There is an abiding inner joy in the priesthood associated with its many consolations: so many opportunities to bring grace through the sacraments and help in many ways. I think of the many thousands of times I have been able to say, in the place of Christ ‘I absolve you from your sins.’

There is the chalice of suffering. Every priest must spend his hour in the Garden of Gethsemani and join Simon of Cyrene in helping Christ carry the cross to Calvary. But God has graciously put a time limit on all earthly sickness and sorrow.

Above all there is the chalice of sacrifice, the greatest privilege in the world; that of standing in the place of Christ to offer the sacrifice of the Mass: to glorify God and Our Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints, for the souls of the departed and for the living.”

This holy priest of God faithfully held up the priestly chalice of joy, consolation, suffering and sacrifice in life and has now merited his eternal reward.  He was and is an ideal example, patron, and intercessor who imitated Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the practise of heroic virtue.

Here are a few excerpts from his well used prayer book “Priestly Prayers”, Burns and Oats, 1961:

For the Love of God:  “In life and death keep yourself near to Jesus, and entrust yourself to His fidelity, Who alone can help you when others fail.”

“My Love for Thee can never rest;

Unending is my earnest quest,

Thou only art my longed-for guest;

My fruit of life, my worthiest.

Jesu, dulcis memoria.”

Msgr. Foy was a priest and person who radiated Christ, good thoughts and words full of Love.

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