Msgr. Foy, longest-serving priest in Toronto Archdiocese, dies at 101

The article below was published in the March 19, 2017 issue of The Catholic Register. Some close friends of Msgr. Foy, who do not use email/Internet, who do not subscribe to this newspaper and who did not know he had died, found a copy of this issue of The Register, unaddressed, right on their doorstep inside their condominium on March 15, two days after he died on March 13, 2017.  This ensured that they did not miss his Visitation and Funeral.  They felt honoured and that they had somehow received a personal invitation with all the arrangements and details.  They do not know any Catholic neighbours who delivered this paper.  They were touched and felt it was even miraculous, since Msgr. Foy would have wanted them to attend his funeral and they could have missed it.

At his Visitation, they led the Rosary and prayers of the Legion of Mary.  Years ago, they presented an award to Msgr. Foy as the “Most Conscientious Spiritual Director of the Legion of Mary Ever”.  Msgr. did not miss a single one of their weekly meetings.  Each week, he went there with a well-prepared and inspiring five-minute allocution/homily.

Daily they recite the Legion of Mary prayers which conclude with: “So that the battle of live over, our Legion of Mary will reassemble without the loss of anyone in the Kingdom of Thy Love and glory. Amen.”  Msgr. Foy knew how to reach out to those who were suffering or persecuted, especially with correspondence, postcards, and letters which encouraged others to keep the Faith and not to lose hope.

They prayed to Msgr. Foy asking him to help them find a parking spot on a busy street for the packed Funeral Mass. He provided a perfect one, right on the corner, just across the street from the church. (Incidentally, the pastor of the parish where the funeral was held was a member and vice-president in Msgr. Foy’s Legion of Mary Praesidium as a young man).

At his burial, as his casket was being lowered into the ground, these friends exclaimed: “Semper Fidelis” – Msgr. Foy was ever faithful. They plan to return to pray at his gravesite, as do others, at St. Augustine’s Seminary, Queen of the Clergy Cemetery, 2661 Kingston Road, Scarborough (between Brimley Rd. and Midland Ave.).  Msgr. Foy’s Grave # 261 is in a select place – right in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother.

We were so pleased that His Eminence went the extra miles and remained with Msgr. and us for the burial and that the seminarians also attended the solemn burial ceremony, officiated by Oratorian Fr. David Roche.  A young deacon seminarian and others were given the honour of helping to carry his casket at the gravesite, as pallbearers. The yoke of the blue cloth casket was very light – Msgr. Foy kept himself fit through the discipline of peddling his wheelchair around using his feet and through exercise.

If anyone obtains miracles through the intercession of Msgr. Foy, we encourage and invite you to document and submit them through this website. (Note: a computer just got safely recovered after a prayer to Msgr. Foy).

Msgr. Foy’s life alone and the humility of it, given all the gifts that he had, and with his unassuming example, speaks for itself.

Here is the article that arrived inside their condominium right at their doorstep:

Msgr. Vincent Foy, longest-serving priest in Toronto Archdiocese, dies at 101

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