Church Militant – The Fatal Blow

A friend who visited from Quebec notified me that I am quoted in the program below:

“The Fatal Blow

The Winnipeg Statement, adopted by the Canadian bishops in 1968, was a blueprint for revolution whose harmful effects reverberate down to the present day. Nearly half a century on, the bishops have yet to officially repudiate this heterodox document.”

Let us pray for and end to the evil of Masonic influence and Freemasony and in the world and the church:

“Following the promulgation of the new Code, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a new declaration: (1) the new Canon 1374 has the same essential import as the old Canon 2335, and the fact that the ‘Masonic sect’ is no longer explicitly named is irrelevant; (2) the Church’s negative judgment on Masonry remains unchanged, because the Masonic principles are irreconcilable with the Church’s teaching (‘earum principia semper iconciliabilia habita sunt cum Ecclesiae doctrina’); (3) Catholics who join the Masons are in the state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion and (4) no local ecclesiastical authority has competence to derogate from these judgments of the Sacred Congregation” (Sources: “Quaesitum est,” AAS 76 1984 300. From EV No. 553 pp.482-87, Catholicism Vs. Freemasony Irreconcilable Forever,


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