1990s at pro-life conference

It has been a great privilege to be involved in the pro-life movement.

1990s at pro-life conference

1990s at a pro-life, pro-family conference

Incidentally, EWTN reported a day after Mother Angelica died that she once told her Sisters to keep her alive as long as possible on tubes etc. – she had said ‘You don’t know the value of one offering’. She gave an example of long-suffering in silence and the courage to take prudent risks for the sake of the Kingdom. She once said: “I’m not afraid to fail, but I am scared to death of dying and having the Lord say to me: ‘Angelica, this is what you might have done had you trusted me more.’”

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand has noted Mother Angelica’s trust in divine providence: “She started from nothing. Everything was against her. But she trusted that with His help, she could spread the Gospel to the world through EWTN. It edges on the miraculous.”

EWTN’s Fr Mitch Pacwa said: “She didn’t worry about a thing except being faithful to Christ. It was the number one issue for her, hands down. She didn’t care who you were or what you said – if it contradicted the faith, she’d shut you down, even if you were ordained clergy.”

Msgr. Vincent Foy, March 30, 2016

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