2015 Church Militant

Michael Voris of Church Militant interviewed me previously.  I have watched Church Militant on the Internet and through a Roku on a large screen.  I don’t know the links for the longer interview I had with Michael some years ago.  Here are a few that came up under a search of my name:


17 hours ago  FULL STORY COMING SOON. Seventy-Six Years a Priest Monsignor Vincent Foy continues to condemn Canada’s Winnipeg Statement.
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Church in Canada”, by Monsignor Vincent Foy, one of Canada’s holiest and most … Msgr Foy .. it should be noted .. has stood almost alone for decades.
Oct 14, 2015  Monsignor Vincent Foy, a priest of the archdiocese of Toronto, who has spent the entirety of his priesthood lobbying for the revocation and …
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response of Canadian Monsignor Vincent Foy … a parish priest … and the plain- speaking apologist and evangelist … American priest John Corapi. <<Pause for …
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