1950s St. Michael’s Cathedral

1950s with Fr. Mott, St. Michael's Cathedral

1950s Fr. Vincent Foy and Fr. Mott, St. Michael’s Cathedral

Fr. Mott was a convert to the Catholic Faith.  He was sent out to Victoria diocese in BC, where he died shortly after. He was a very nice man.

1950s with my books and the Cure d'Ars, St. Michael's Palace

1950s with my books and Cure d’Ars statue, St. Michael’s Palace

1954 or so Msgr. Kyte Rector of St. Michael's Cathedral

1950s Msgr. Kyte, Rector of St. Michael’s Cathedral

Msgr. Bernard Kyte, who was Rector of St. Michael’s Cathedral when I was there, had a brother who was a Christian Brother who taught me at De La Salle High School. He was a great tall man who was nicknamed “the Ambling Alp”. At the Cathedral, if I went into the Church to make a Visit to the Blessed Sacrament at 11pm, I would find Msgr. Kyte making the Stations of the Cross.  He and I used to go on vacations together occasionally, for example to Mexico.  One year, we went on vacation in July.  After that, in September, as a member of the Catholic School Board, he was offered a free trip to South America. He went downhill skiing in the Andes in South America and took a heart attack.  He was medically transferred to Chile and died there.  I received a post card from him that arrived after his death.  He was only sixty when he went home to God. He was a very fine priest.

Msgr. Foy, November 9, 2015

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