1939 Letters

1939 May Letter form friend

1939 May Letter

1939 May 2

Good advice that I received in 1939: “Pray hard and leave the future in the hands of God.”

1939 Frs Frank & Leo Breake just before they left for BC on May 7th

Frs. Flynn & La Brake.

These are two of my ordination classmates Fr. Frank Flynn and Fr. Fred La Brake just before they left for British Columbia on May 7th, 1939. Fr. Frank was from Toronto and volunteered to go out to the new diocese in Nelson, BC. He became the Vicar General of his diocese and was buried out west.

1939 Nov Harpers

1939 Harpers 2

1939 Letter from the Harpers.

The Harpers used to visit our family on Saturday nights to play card games with my parents. I visited Dan Harper in Providence Hospital before he died.

1939 June Letter Fr Callahan

1939 June Letter from Fr. Callahan.

Fr. Hugh Callahan was the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Before that, he was the Director of Catechetics. I became his Vice-Chancellor. He later became pastor of Blessed Sacrament parish.

1939 Letter Fr Fullerton

1939 Letter from Fr. Fullerton.

Fr. Jim Fullerton taught me to become an Altar Boy. He had a brother who was a priest. He spoke at my First Mass at Holy Name parish. He became the Director of Charities for the Archdiocese.

of the War. So he told the Cardinal he better unpack. O wait I just remember they are starting a new faculty of Canon Law in Quebec City and I have a letter form the rector saying they are looking for students. So Fr. Calhand called Quebec and they said they'd be delighted to have F.r Foy. That night I was on the train to Quebec study for a doctorate in Canon Law for three years. Lectures were given in Latin. I was the only English-speaking student. All others spoke French. When I finished in Quebec I worked 25 years in Marriage Court work. iN 1946, the Holy See divided the courts in Canada into six areas. Toronto Tribunal looked after all the difficult cses in Toront, Hmilton, Kingston, Ottaw, Lond and Sault Set Marie. I was the Head of the Provincial Tribunal. I lived at the Cathedral Rectory and for many years said the 10am Mass every Sunday and heard confessions there every week.

September 1939 Letter from Rector

page 2 Letter From Msgr Brennan

page 2 Letter From Msgr. Brennan

In September of 1939, the Rector of St. Augustine’s Seminary, Msgr. Brennan, wrote to Dr. Motry asking him take me at Catholic University of America to study Canon Law. Dr. Motry said that they had already started classes and I would have to arrange it with Fr. Armand who was in charge of the residence for student priests. Cardinal McGuigan of Toronto contacted Fr. Armand, who said ‘We can’t take him – because of the War every place is taken since they cannot study over in Rome. He better unpack… O wait, I just remembered that they are starting a new Faculty of Canon Law in Quebec City. I have a letter from the rector there saying that they are looking for students’. So the Chancellor, Fr. Callahan, called Quebec and they said ‘We’d be delighted to have Fr. Foy’. That night, I was on the train to Quebec to study for a Doctorate in Canon Law for three years.

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