Letter to Cardinal on Fully Alive, March 30, 2015

Warning: content from the Fully Alive program contained in the second link below is offensive and contains sexual content that is not suitable for children. It is only being provided as evidence of what is wrong with this sex education series that is still currently being used in Catholic elementary schools in Ontario, Canada in 2015.

Fully Alive card pdf

For adults only – please do NOT click on and open the following link with information and diagrams from the Fully Alive program, unless you are an adult. It contains sexual content that is harmful:

Fully Alive documents 2015

For Catholic elementary schools, adding anything to the existing Fully Alive program will not correct a flawed approach and program.

I was also informed recently that “the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) who have been appointed to update Fully Alive already wrongfully worsened this harmful curriculum years ago to classify homosexuality as a ‘normal teenage emotion’.”

Here are some recent articles on the problems of classroom sex-education:




Note: Since I wrote the above letter, I found out that, in most of English Canada, the “Born of the Spirit” religion series will be replaced by the “Growing in Faith Growing in Christ” series, for grades 1 through 8 in Catholic schools. The whole series will be available by December of 2018. I have not seen this new series yet.


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