Teilhard in “Hostage to the Devil”

I was pleased to see the following letter to the Editor in the March issue of Catholic Insight magazine:

Teilhard in “Hostage to the Devil”

I am writing to clarify a few points related to Fr. Tony Van Hee’s sad defence of the banned writings of Teilhard de Chardin.

Msgr. Foy is correct. On record (that is, based on what has been reported), Teilhard de Chardin made no public retraction for his errors before he died.  Promoting heretical writings promotes heresy. Dabbling is dangerous.

Malachi Martin’s book “Hostage to the Devil  – The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans” is described on the back cover as “a controversial non-fiction best seller” and is purported to be “a chilling and true account of possession and exorcism in North America….”  One of those five reported cases, was that of a priest, who apparently became possessed after reading Teilhard de Chardin’s forbidden writings.

M.T.M., Toronto, ON

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