Letter to the Editor of Catholic Insight, February 5, 2015

Letter to the Editor

Concerning the teaching of Teilhard de Chardin

In response to the letter to the editor in February issue of Catholic Insight, I would like to make the following observations.

Cardinal Journet is thought by some to be the greatest theologian of the nineteenth century. His verdict is: “de Chardin’s works are disastrous… If one accepts de Chardin’s explanation one must reject the Christian notion of Creation, Spirit, God, Evil, Original Sin, the Cross, the Resurrection, Divine Love, etc.” (Nova et Vetera, Oct-Dec 1962).

“If we reject it [Teilhard’s doctrine] we are being faithful to all of traditional Christianity, we are accepting Christianity as it has been preserved and developed in the course of centuries by the divinely assured magisterium.” (A Periscope on Teilhard de Chardin, Rev. Fr. John Flanagan, Vol 1, 1971).

Msgr. Vincent Foy

February 5, 2015

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