Personal Memories: “Changing Eternity Today”

Changing Eternity Today

 By Msgr. Vincent Foy

A Greek philosopher said that with a lever long enough one could move the earth.  It has been said that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings could have an effect on the weather on the other side of the earth.

Certain it is that small things and events can have great or momentous effects.  I am here, in the Providence Health Care Centre, because of one small pill or capsule.  About four years ago, at the age of 92, I was taking care of myself, driving a car, saying daily Mass, and doing my own shopping and cooking.  Every Sunday I would visit the sick here.  Among these was a classmate, Fr. Joseph O’Neill, who I would take out for supper.  I visited also the late Bishop Robert Clune, who was in this room where I now live.

Then came the little thing that changed my life.  I had a fever and went to the hospital and they thought I had pneumonia so they prescribed me antibiotics and sent me home. On the following morning, after taking the pill, I had an attack of vertigo on getting out of bed.  I lost my sense of balance and fell on the floor, hitting my head against a glass case.

I was able to press a Lifeline button around my neck and soon an ambulance crew was able to get access to my apartment and take me to the Scarborough Centenary hospital.  In the following days, I had two more vertigo attacks. I had pneumonia and was told I could not return to my apartment, could never drive a care again and had to enter a nursing home.  I learned later that vertigo attacks were a common secondary effect of the strong antibiotic I had been taking.  I never had another vertigo attack.  So my life was changed by one pill.

There is another marvelous way in which small things can have eternal effects. I refer to the things of the spirit.  What we do or do not do today can effect us in eternity.  A person may be in God’s grace in the morning and by night be deserving of eternal punishment in hell because of one mortal sin.

On the bright side, there are a thousand ways in which one can use the time in a day to merit a happier eternity.  By the morning offering all the good of the day can have a never-ending effect. Attending the Sacrifice of the Mass, every prayer, long or merely an ejaculation like “Jesus, mercy” or “Mary, pray for me”, every act of charity, and every temptation overcome, will be eternally rewarded.

The more we think and meditate on this, the more we should be motivated to positively change our eternity to day.  May all of us use the lever of time to earn an increase in happiness forever in the company of God and Mary and the Angels and Saints.

March 5, 2012

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