Personal Memories: “Dream of a Bug”

Dream of a Bug

By Msgr. Vincent Foy

It is remarkable how inventive our minds can be in dreams. I experienced an example of this last night.

In my dream I was visiting my good friend Fr. Leo Ramsperger. He is retired on an idyllic property between Maynooth, Ontario, and Barry’s Bay. He had just received, on loan, a remarkable cricket, which could whistle a number of musical tunes. However, I became annoyed when the cricket kept crawling over our food at meals. On a sudden impulse I took up a paper, folded it and killed the precocious insect with one swipe.

Fr. Ramsperger phoned the owner to give him the sad news. He was inconsolable and asked that the body of his pet be returned to him. We were able to find a suitable tiny box, and set the battered remains of the cricket in a bed of cotton batten in its little casket and wrapped it carefully.

Accompanying the packet was a letter of condolence from Fr. Leo. The last line was “You will be happy to know that your bug was swatted by a Monsignor.” End of dream.

On waking and thinking of this singular dream I could not stop laughing for a considerable time. I do not remember having a more hilarious fit of laughing. Such is the power of a dream.

August 21, 2010

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