An Attempt to Prevent Communion in the Hand, July 2 1970, with Foreword written January 2014. by Monsignor Vincent Foy


Communion in the hand was introduced by deceit in the USA and in Toronto.

I wrote to several bishops and cardinals who told me they would do everything they could to stop Communion in the hand.

One bishop was determined to do all he could to push it through.  He had an article published in a magazine stating that Pope Paul VI had recently approved of Communion in the hand.  I wrote and asked for the source of that article.  They wrote back and said that they must admit that they had no source, yet Communion in the hand was passed through.

I had written the following paper on Communion in the hand in which I described this. I met a man on a road in Rome who said there was no reason to send it out because it was on the agenda at an upcoming meeting.  But this bishop contacted the other bishops by phone and solicited their votes deceptively by phone using the false source.

In Toronto, it was introduced by deceit.  I was pastor of St. John’s parish.  A young man who was helping with office work in the evenings told me he was at a retreat at St. Augustine’s seminary for high school students with his girlfriend.  They gave out Communion in the hand illicitly before it was allowed and his girlfriend’s hands were shaking when she received the Host.

They introduced it falsely, so that they could tell the Holy See that it was already being given that way and they could not stop it.  This approach was crooked.

Incidentally, in the January 2014 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine, one of their “Top Ten People of 2013” is Bishop Athanasius Schneider…. “Schneider is determined to do for Pope Francis the same work he did for Benedict XVI.  The ideal, according to the bishop, is for the Church to issue a liturgical norm to reinstate Communion on the tongue and kneeling to gradually replace the other practice, Communion standing and in the hand.  Should this measure actually be put into place, the bishop claims, it would represent one of the most important and at the same time concrete acts to heal the wounds of the Church, precisely according to the words addressed by Our Lord to the Assisi saint in his famous vision: ‘Francis, go and repair My house.’”

Read here:  An attempt to prevent Communion in the hand July 2 1970 Foreword written January 2014

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