Aids, Condoms and Catholic Education by Monsignor Vincent Foy

by Monsignor Vincent Foy P.H., J.C.D.


This article was published in booklet form by Human Life International in 1996. It was a response to advocacy of condom use which was advocated even in some Ontario Catholic Schools.


The Aids Crisis, which could not exist without widespread moral corruption, has in turn spawned an even greater and more pervasive evil through the spread of condom use. Condom use, once recognized by all Christian denominations as evil, has now become a virtue, the key to “safe sex”, so easily does the radically secularized society turn vice into virtue. The condom is presented as a protector against sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and of liberated mores. Government agencies herald it as a saviour. Children are taught its use at school. Through education in condom use millions of young people are desensitized to sex talk and are conditioned for promiscuous behaviour. The physical evil of Aids is almost universally presented as a greater evil than the spiritual devastation of illicit sex.

Read the entire article here.

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