Msgr. Foy’s Christmas Newsletter 2013

Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence, Room 414

3276 St. Clair Ave East
Toronto, ON
M1L 1W1
December 2013
Dear Friends,
A blessed and joyful Christmastide and a grace filled New Year!
I am surprised to find myself still here on earth.  I turned 98 on August 14th and retain the passing title of the oldest Toronto Archdiocesan priest.  Bishop Lacey is fast on my heels, now here as companion at my dining table.
This year has not been without trials.  I had a few trips to the hospital Emergency room and spent one week in Sunnybrook Hospital because of low sodium.  I have bouts of severe insomnia and was diagnosed as having a serious heart condition, so I became more wheel chair bound.  My hearing deteriorated more and I am being fitted for hearing aids.  I continue to try natural health remedies as much as possible.
Due to poor health, I have not been able to do much writing.  I wrote an article on the Arch heretic Teilhard de Chardin, which appeared in Catholic Insight magazine.
In an attempt to stop the contraceptive mentality, which has led to the suicidal birth rate in Canada, I have written to Pope Francis and several cardinals and bishops.  The Winnipeg Statement of the Canadian bishops has still not been retracted yet.  As Von Hildebrand wrote: it is not sufficient to affirm the truth: error must also be rejected.
Together with the other ten priests here, I am able to concelebrate daily Mass.  The main celebrant is our excellent chaplain, Fr. Edward McGovern.
Here we receive excellent care for which I am deeply grateful.
At his 90th birthday, Honest Ed Mirvish said:  “I am glad to be here.  In fact, at my age, I am happy to be anywhere.”  I echo his words.
Rejoice with me – in June of 2014, I will be celebrating my 75th Ordination Anniversary.
Yours in Jesus our Saviour and Mary,
Msgr. Vincent Foy
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